Top 10 shayari English love

Shayari English Love | English love shayari for love, what happens about love, even when to make someone a shayar and when to make someone drunk. Just writing some shayari of my mind here, if you like it in English, then surely share it with friends and friends.

1. Shayari English love

Neither is there anyone nor support Neither we are anyone nor anybody

Shayari English love
I have come again in your temple Style is the same, just brought the word new 


Shayari English love

2. English love shayari for girlfriend

Those who live far away want to tell you one thing, Take care of yourself, if i come in your mind 
English love shayari for girlfriend
It is a lie that love breaks someone's heart People break themselves in love 
English love shayari for girlfriend

3. Love Shayari English language

You also know i can't live alone, Stay with me till i change my habit 
love shayari english language
Slavery was only for your love, otherwise this heart, Was Nawab even before and still is
love shayari english language
They talk to us at their own will, And we are also so mad that we wait for their wish 
love shayari english language

  4. beautiful english love shayari

Then the same night we are the same loneliness, Then every hit has emerged of love
beautiful english love shayari

Flowers were always seen at the funeral, Yesterday my eyes saw the funeral of flowers
shayari in english love story

  5. shayari in english love story

I saw the lonely moon last night in the dream, Maybe i will like loafing
shayari in english love story

Shayari English love: best top 10

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